Battle for the Midlands Information

Battle For The Midlands is a same-sex pairs competition with a difference. There are no qualifiers prior to the competition weekend, but all teams will compete in 3 workouts on day 1 of the competition to determine their category for workouts 4 -6.

Categories for workouts 4 – 6 are BFTM Trophy (scaled competitors) and BFTM Cup (Rx’d competitors), so your placing in workouts 1 – 3 will decide which category you’re fighting for.

What’s expected of athletes in each category?

All athletes will complete three workouts on the Saturday and the results from these workouts will categorise teams for the rest of the competition. The remainder of the competition on day 2 will then see the teams battle against each other in their category to win the BFTM Trophy (scaled) or BFTM Cup (Rx’d) titles.

Teams must contain athletes of a similar ability according to the level that they want to aim for in the competition.

BFTM Trophy athletes will be expected to achieve the following:

Female – 16kg KB swings, GTOH 35kg, step up to a 20″ box.

Male – 24kg KB swings, GTOH 50kg, step up to a 24″ box.

BFTM Cup athletes will be expected to complete the following in the altter stages of the competition:

Female – 24kg KB swings, Pullups, GTOH 45kg, Handstand Pressups.

Male – 32kg KB swings, C2B Pullups, Muscle Ups, GTOH 60kg, Handstand Pressups.

The division of categories will not be anounced until the end of competition on day 1, once all athletes have completed their first 3 workouts.

If you have any more questions, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page to email us directly.

All of the Midlands CrossFit affiliates will be invited via email and it’s up to you to create your team (same-sex pairs). There are NO qualifiers for this event, as they are done on day 1 of the competition.

As always, there’ll be plenty to do and see at the event with a bunch of vendors selling their awesome products as well as some competitions for the spectators, plus delicious food served by our friends at Feast UK.

Spectator tickets will be available closer to the event date, so stay tuned for updates via the Facebook page and here on the website.